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Podere Spedalone… your farmhouse your house your friends!

Podere Spedalone farmhouse

Podere Spedalone is not a simple farmhouse, it is YOUR farmhouse, it is a place where you will feel at home, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, pampered by a healthy and characteristic cuisine. We have always tried to combine the privacy that all people seek with the conviviality that distinguishes us. Podere Spedalone is surrounded by large green spaces where you can spend restful and relaxing days. The swimming pool is free for all our guests and our restaurant will surprise you every day with new dishes, cooked with local and meticulously selected ingredients. What our guests appreciate the most is the conviviality of being together in common tables, always knowing new people and new friends.

History of Spedalone Farmhouse

In 1381 the Olivetani monks, from Mount Oliveto abbey, built the monastery of Sant’Anna in Caprena and bought the surrounding lands (v. Libro delle Stime). In 1457, the monastery of Sant’Anna in Caprena inherited Podere Spedalone farmhouse, along with Podere Poggio Ragnuzzi, from Friar Tommaso Ragnoni di Ragnuzzo. During the same period, they rebuilt the Spedalone farmhouse with its tower-like structure, still visible today, and the oil mill on the north side. At the same time, they built the dry walls surrounding the olive grove and planted the olive trees. Below the olive field, the lunetta-shaped walls are among the few still standing in Tuscany. Spedalone farmhouse was renovated again in 1859, adding the “Loggia” and the big wood oven. Until 1960, two families (around 40 people) lived in Spedalone, working the fields and breeding animals.
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