Our mission

Our mission

What does “Spedalone” mean to us?

It means the duty to preserve with all our energy a place which, for thousands of years, has been inhabited in harmony with nature and the environment.


The microcosm which is Spedalone represents a gift over which we do not feel ownership, but rather the honor, passion and commitment to conserve, protect and safeguard – to be the custodians of its entire area.


Since January 2004 we have collected thousands of spent cartridges left by hunters in the woods over the years, and we will continue to collect and remove all that is foreign to this place.
We know that as our friends walk through the woods, they too will remove those items that don’t belong, so as to return nature to its natural state.

All of Spedalone’s technical installations have been selected with environmental considerations foremost in mind: we have found thermal waters at a depth of about 80 meters. We are studying the possibility of a geothermal operation, which would allow the production of 4.5 kw of heat using only 1 kw of electrical energy. We are evaluating the possibility of a photovoltaic installation, 300 meters from the house, to reduce our dependency on energy. Turning off the lights in the house turns off all electromagnetic waves in the rooms. The wastewater treatment system has been installed so as to make minimal noise. The power and telephone lines have been buried underground.


The potable water supply comes primarily from the hills and from a spring that descends from “Castelaccina”. The rest is supplied through the “del Vivo” aqueduct, one of the best waters of Tuscany.

The farm is operated in accordance with organic farming requirements. During the 3-year “conversion” period it is undergoing periodic inspection by ICEA, the private oversight organization with the strictest requirements for organic farming in Italy.


All waste products are recycled: water in which pasta or vegetables were cooked is used to feed our pigs. Wet waste is composted to produce, along with wood chips, compost for the garden. Sewage water, after organic treatment, is used to irrigate the olive grove, and clear recycled water is recycled for other farm use.


All the farming methods and works are designed to minimize the use of energy.