We invite you to rediscover the taste of good food

We try to use only our products. In case we’re be unable to be self-sufficient, we use products made by companies we trust.

The importance of the raw material

Eggs, vegetables, cinta senese salami, oil, honey, fruits… are the basic ingredients of our plates.

Our main goal is to bring them to the dining table in the simplest way possible!

The beating heart of the farm

The ancient wooden stove is, as it was in the past, the pulsating heart of the kitchen.

Every week we bake our bread only with yeast and biological flours. Sometimes pizza too… in our own way.

At the table with the seasons

At Podere Spedalone we have lunch and dinner all together and the menu is made according to the seasons and to product availability. Sharing the dining table, aside from being our peculiarity, is also the best way to understand and appreciate who we are.

If you want to have fun with us, we’re always expecting you!

Restaurant: always available to add a place on table.

Lunches from € 20,00 to € 35,00.
Dinners € 35,00. Except alcholic drinks.