Our cuisine

Podere Spedalone

Our cuisine

The taste of good food

At Podere Spedalone the menu is always fixed and the dishes of the day are selected according to the current season and available products.
We always eat together (now with the necessary distance required by law to ensure our clients safety), sharing the table: the best way to understand and appreciate who we are.

If you want to have fun with us, we are always waiting for you!

The importance of ingredients

Eggs, vegetables, Cinta Senese salami, oil, honey, jam fruit…. they are the basis of our cuisine.

Our first goal is to get them to the table in the simplest way possible!

Wood oven

The old wood-burning oven has once again become the beating heart of the farmhouse.

Every week we make bread exclusively with sourdough and organic flours.

Sometimes pizza too … in our own way.

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In our farm we produce (organically): extra virgin olive oil early harvest, salted olives, olives in oil. Jams and jams, pickles and pickled vegetables and forest products including mushrooms and wild asparagus. Red and white wine vinegar. Cinta Senese meat and salami. Eggs.

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